Jose Taboada

Jose M. Taboada is an owner of CLDG, its current Treasurer, and a member of the CLDG’s Board of Directors.
Although currently retired, Mr. Taboada spent his entire professional career owning and operating a variety of businesses. He served as the President, a Vice President and the Treasurer for Dominican Casino Ventures, S.A., a company he co-founded in 2004. Mr. Taboada also served as President of Jose Taboada Painting, Inc., a company he founded in 2002 in Miami, FL. For almost 40 years prior to 2002, he owned and operated a number of successful restaurant, retail and services businesses.
His various professional affiliations include the Casino Commission Association, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Florida Builders Association, Dade County, FL.
Mr. Taboada holds degrees in Business Administration from the University of Havana, and Business Accounting from the University of Ignacio Agramonte. He has also completed course work concentrated in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.